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Operational Consulting:

After the initial agreement is put in place, Typical operational consulting consists of an onsite kick off meeting with ownership and/or management to verify needs and goals of the company and go through historical data.

This meeting would typically be followed up with a facility walk through to get a better understanding of ongoing operations and personnel.

From there, establishment of consulting deliverables is typically established that could be as much as a daily review of operating data and communication with facility management to as little as monthly reviews. Typically, this service also includes a monthly site visit.

Industrial Worker
Industrial Building

Facility Management

  • EMS is a full-service facility manager. As such we can provide the plant or general manager for the facility and manage all the company’s personnel that would be at the facility.

  • EMS can manage and employ all personnel at the facility, or.

  • EMS can provide a combination of which company employs what personnel.

  • No matter who the employer is of the personnel, EMS can oversee the day-to-day functions of all onsite personnel.

  • EMS has established a system that allows the companies ownership to retain full control without being onsite and giving those owners a great deal of flexibility to just what amount of involvement is desired.

  • EMS only needs the involvement of one owner or owners representative that it works with on the day to day direction of the business.

Facility Reviews

Facility reviews are typically done for owners looking for a third-party view of their facility, its efficiencies and operational opportunities, or a potential new owner or lender needing to understand facility condition, operational readiness, personnel opportunities, efficiencies, investment needs, etc.

As with operational consulting, after the agreement is put in place thing are kicked off with an on site meeting and as facility walk through. After all data is gathered and walk throughs are complete. The process is concluded with a report covering the desired findings and if desired potential recommendations.

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